Meet the team!

Viktor Kastro

I am the Lead Artist for Shamanic Labs. I thought I was going to live and die in the hardware world of Tech. After realizing the true potential of my spirit, I took those lessons and applied them to the art world. After a few years into it, I grew to realize that I needed to build a team of geniuses and invest into top of the line machines to reach the next level of my vision. I decided to partner with other visual artists, Robotics Engineers, Coders, Projection Mapping Artists, and Augmented Reality experts to create genre-defying art. I now have my own production studio in the hills of Northern California. Our manufacturing capabilities utilize Laser cutters/CNC, High Resolution/Multiple Material 3D printers, Motion Capture+Projection Mapping, as well as a large swathe of traditional art techniques. Shamanic Labs excels at realizing our creative vision into reality with an always timely and budget conscious approach. Proud to be a part of Dream Logic ( Dream Logic is a community of artists, technologists, designers, experimenters, and entrepreneurs. which design, curate and build immersive art experiences that bring artists + technologists together to explore new ways of seeing. Shamanic Labs / Dream Logic have a proud history of producing amazing installations at renowned venues such as, SF Museum of Modern Art, Art Basel Miami, SXSW Austin Texas, California Academy of Sciences, SOMA Arts SF, Oregon Eclipse Symbiosis Festival, Future Fires / Luminaries and many many more.


Kina Lara

Kina is a multi-disciplinary artist, and full time cohort in Shamanic Labs. She is a native from Oakland California, and an instrumental part of the success of Shamanic Labs.


Pierre Baudin

Robotics Engineer and Hardware specialist.


Sabina Luu

AKA Pixelpusher. Sabina Is a digital animator, and projection mapping artist.